Warming or cooling

For wellbeing and simplicity. A simple choice: warming or cooling.
Go with what feels best.

Mirakel offers this freedom of choice. You can even switch from one occasion to the next. Whether you choose warm or cool, you always have the choice of both again later.
A small Mirakel! Our products allow you to enjoy wellbeing in a natural way. The heat or cold is stored in 100% naturally pure raw grain. Our products are available in various models adapted to suit your needs.

After hard efforts, relax yourself with Mirakelproducts.

Wheat Cat

For your own wellbeing – choose between warming or cooling

Soften up your stiff neck, shoulders and back. Perfect for knees or aching legs and joints. For migraine or fever, place the inner bag in the freezer for a short while. Works wonders on the head and forehead. Freezing cold? Warm up the wheat for just a moment and feel the warmth radiate through your body.

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